brother-printer-troubleshooting tips

Brother printers are the best printers that are going places of late by providing excellent print quality in a fraction of seconds. At times, we might get annoyed due to the Brother printer issues. “Can’t print from computer via USB” is one of the most common issues that arise and check out below to know about the Brother printer troubleshooting steps that are available below to get rid of the errors in minutes.

Verify Brother printer status

  • Initially, confirm that the Brother printer is getting efficient power from the electrical outlet and ensure that it is in a ready state.
  • Then you need to verify that the Brother printer control panel doesn’t display any error notification. If you find any issues, make use of the Brother printer troubleshooting tips available below.

Verify the connection between Brother printer and desktop

  • At first, you can detach the USB cable from the desktop and Brother printer as well. You need to perform this task as the issue is due to the USB cable connection. After that, you can connect the cable to the Brother printer without any hindrance.
  • Try to avoid the usage of USB hub when connecting the printer to the desktop and proceed with the direct connection.
  • You need to utilize a USB cable which comprises of the characteristics like twisted pair cable, shielded and it is no longer than two meters.
  • Remember that you need to connect the cable on Brother printer’s USB port only and connecting via Network port, line jack, Pictbridge, Ext Jack is not advisable.

Brother printer drivers settings

  • If the issue in eradicated by following the above instructions, just conclude the Brother printer troubleshooting process. If the error still persists, you have no choice other than following the steps given below.
  • Ensure that the Brother printer is the Default printer on your desktop.
  • You should also remember that Printer offline or Brother printer paused status will lead to printing issues. It is very important to resume the printing job by eradicating the printer offline issue. You can manually get rid of this issue. 
  • However, Brother printer troubleshooting steps will vary according to the computer OS and it’s versions. Connect with us and get to know about the procedure to eliminate the Brother printer Offline issue in minutes.

Make use of other applications

  • Sometimes, the problem might arise due to other applications and it is very important to check them as well. 
  • Initially, open the file using another application and try printing it via Brother printer. If the print job is successful, then you need to troubleshoot the application. 
  • Try to modify the settings in the application and perform a print task. If the problem persists, you should reach out to the application manufacturer.

Try resetting Brother printer

  • The one and only solution to all the technical glitches that arise in our gadgets is “Reset”.
  •  Just perform a proper restart by shutting down all the current tasks on your Brother printer and computer as well. Hang around for a few minutes and turn on the devices.

Brother printer drivers Reinstall

The final step in Brother printer troubleshooting is uninstalling the printer driver and perform the installation process from the beginning. To know more about the driver update or Brother printer support, you can just navigate to our website or dial the TOLL-FREE +1-888-863-4264 mentioned in our website.

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