Brother Printer Offline Fix

Why is my Printer Offline Error for Four steps to Eradicate | Brother Printer Offline Fix

If you hit upon Brother Printer offline error on a regular basis, then you can make use of the instructions given below to understand about the process of bringing your Brother printer online again. The process is very simple but you need to concentrate a lot while performing. Then Don’t Worry we are here to help you out of your problems. Call Us +1-888-863-4264

Brother Printer Offline – Step 1 

  • You need to check whether the Brother printer is in working condition and also clarify that you printer is error-free. Brother printer’s control panel might be blank due to two reasons. If you printer is switched off or is in sleep mode, you will be unable to see the working control panel display. If both conditions do not fit, then you have to check the external sources like the socket in which your printer is plugged in or the modes of the power switches. 
  • These Brother printer offline troubleshooting steps is useful only the printers which can be powered on. Otherwise, you need to make use of the hardware problems. 
  • You should check the Brother printer control again for issues and you will get to view issues like “paper jam” or “Ink/Toner Empty”. 

Brother Printer Offline – Step 2 

  • It is very important for the devices to be in a connected state and follow the instructions for Brother printer offline fix. 
  • When you use a USB cable, ensure that the cable is connected firmly between the Brother printer and desktop. It is very important to connect the printer directly instead of using a hub. 
  • If using a USB cable, make sure the cable is connected to both the Brother printer and computer.
  • Users who utilize Ethernet connection should confirm the connection between Brother printer and router/access point. Now print the network configuration to know about the IP address that your printer Offline windows 10 is utilizing. Users who use wireless connection should also check the IP address using the network page. Continue with the next step if the Brother printer offline issue prevails. 

Printer Offline Windows 10 | Brother Printer Offline Fix – Step 3

  • This step will differ based on the operating system your desktop comprises of. Just follow the steps according to your Computer OS. 
  • Printer offline Windows 10 – The key is to make your Printer Offline windows 10 as the default printer by following the instructions. Just visit the Devices and Printers in your computer and change the default printer settings to printer Offline Windows 10. 

Tip : Brother Printer Troubleshooting tips

Brother Printer Offline – Step 4

  • If the Brother printer offline issues didn’t resolve, then you have to go for the final step. Go to Devices and Printer Windows 10 to erase the print jobs. Just right-click on the Brother printer Offline icon in your device and click See What’s printing. You need to tap Printer and finally, Cancel All Documents.  
  • You need to click Open Brother Printer As Administrator if Cancel All Documents is greyed out and just furnish the Administrator Password before pressing Yes. 

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