brother printer wifi setup

Brother Printer wifi Setup – Setting up

How to connect brother printer to wifi devices that depend on electricity cannot function without plugging it first to the wall outlet (electrical). So, pick out the AC power cord that comes with the box, connect it to the Brother printer wifi setup and turn the device on. Turn on the computer as well, and push in the supplied CD-ROM into the CD-ROM Drive. In the absence of a CD-ROM drive, setup can be coursed through the Internet and detailed instruction about the process will be available.

Before configuring the printer, please be aware that the process requires the Brother printer wifi setup network setting (WLAN) access point/router. It includes the Network Name (SSID: service set ID, ESSID: Extended service set ID, the Network Key, Security Key or Encryption Key, etc. Take note that if a router is used, Brother only uses the key of the first WEP KEY

Brother Printer wifi Setup Process :

    1. Once the CD-ROM is in place, the installation screen appears automatically, choose the printer model and language. Click the ‘install driver” appearing in the CD-ROM menu, click “allow” or “yes” once the Account Control screen appears.
    2. Next, the license agreement window will appear, then click yes and choose Wireless Network Connection then click next.
    3. On the screen, pick Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer and then click next. Once the Firewall/AntiVirus screen appears, elect to Change the Firewall port settings to allow network connection and then proceed with the installation.
    4. The screen for choosing the Brother Printer will now appear, click the right machine model on the list. Click next and follow the screen instruction to install the Brother printer drivers for network connection.
    5. Next, install the driver for the network connection with the use of a USB Cable. Connect the Brother machine and computer using the USB Cable. Once the connection is secure, the wireless settings will be automatically detected. Installation confirmation will now appear on the screen, confirm and click next.
    6. Confirm as well the network ID, SSID, ESSID, then choose “yes” and then click “next”. If “available wireless network” appears the screen, the list currently available will be displayed. Pick the right Network Name from the list.
    7. Confirm the settings. Then, click next. In case the wireless connection fails, the correction error will appear on the screen, confirm the displayed information and click “refresh”.
    8. It is expected that after going through the sequence above, the wireless setup is now complete. So, remove the CD-ROM cable from the computer and printer, click cancel to finish.

That’s about it, the sequence to install brother printer is long but easy to follow. The rewards for a Brother Printer wifi Setup connection is convenience. Further more, you can check out the Brother Printer Support dial the TOLL-FREE +1-888-863-4264

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