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Brother printer is a fast-growing brand across the globe. Brother printer support is the most-preferred printing brands of late.

Brother Printer Setup/Install

Want to know about the Brother printer setup in detail? From unboxing to the software download, you will find all the necessary information here.

Brother printer Drivers/Software Download

Software and drivers are very important for the proper functioning of the printer. Check out the complete Brother printer software download setup here.

Brother Printer Troubleshooting

If you are finding it hard to eradicate the printer issues, just make use of the Brother printer troubleshooting tips mentioned here.

Brother printer services and products

Though the Brother printer setup is easy to accomplish, guidance from experts will also help a lot. Get in touch with our Brother Printer support right away.

Brother All in one printer

Print, copy, scan and fax with your all-in-one Brother printer. Acquire high-quality prints at an affordable price.

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Brother printer offline Fix

Don’t get annoyed if your Brother printer goes offline often. Just follow the troubleshooting tips

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Brother Laser Printer

Get set to print professional documents at a faster pace using Brother Laser Printer which comprises of sophisticated printing technologies.

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Brother printer App

Brother Printer app is a boon to all the users as printing via smartphones have become comfortable.

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Brother Wireless Printer

Brother Wireless printer is doing wonders in the printing industry and it is the most-purchased printer in recent time.

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Brother printer customer service

Our ultimate aim is to make customers happy by providing instant solutions to the printing issues

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Brother Printer Support

Why choose us?

Here is why users can trust us and it actually helps us to succeed in helping the customers as well.

Quick Response

Don’t have to hold on for a long time as our team will always strive hard to eradicate the issues as soon as possible. It is because our team doesn’t like to let the customers wait.

On call solutions

Enormous development in technology is helping us to get the product without getting out from our coach. Likewise, call our team and get instant support instead of searching for printer specialists.

Reputable / certified experts

We have roped in some of the best professionals who have prior experience in setting up the Brother printers and troubleshooting the printer issues. They’ll take complete responsibility to get rid off your printer issues.

24*7 Support Services

Our technical support team will work round the clock to provide service whenever the user requires. Don’t panic if your printer bumps into issues, just give us a call right away and our team will be there to help you out.


Get to know about the Brother printer setup in detail by reading the step-by-step procedure mentioned below.

Unboxing Brother printer – Phase 1

Unpacking is the very first step in any Brother printer setup regardless of the model you have purchased. Check whether your Brother printer package comprises of the below-listed printer accessories. 

  • Drum Unit
  • Starter Toner Cartridge
  • Quick Setup Guide 
  • Product Safety Guide 
  • Basic User’s guide 
  • CD-ROM
  • AC Power cord (for particular models) 
  • Telephone Line cord (For MFC printer)

The above mentioned Brother printer accessories may vary based on your country/region. Just check the Brother printer product list before you progress to the next step. Contact the Brother printer support team if in case the accessories are damaged or missing. 

Brother Printer Unboxing

Brother Printer Support - Phase 2

Eradicate the packing materials

After unboxing, check the Brother printer to eliminate packing materials. The printer will have an orange part which has to be removed before you move further. Once you complete this step, install the toner ink cartridge in the right place and move forward with the next step.

Paper tray settings

Open the paper tray and adjust the paper width guides. Now insert a stack of papers into the tray and close the main tray before advancing to the next step. Ensure that the papers you insert in the main tray are neither damaged nor crushed. Inserting damaged papers might lead to several printing issues.

Turn on your Brother printer

Without electric power, machines are worthless. It’s time to connect your Brother printer to a power source. Switch on the Brother printer and modify settings on the control panel. To choose your language, click the Settings icon and then tap All Settings -> Initial setup -> Local language. Once you complete, click the Home icon to progress.

Fax settings (only for MFC Brother Printer models)

If you are not willing to configure the Fax settings, skip this step as it is optional. Make use of the telephone line cord to connect the printer and modify the date and time settings on the Brother printer control panel. If you need help in setup, just contact the Brother printer support team.

Brother Printer Drivers / software configuration

  • The final step in the Brother printer setup is connecting your printer to a desktop or mobile device. There are two ways a setting up the Brother printer software. Utilize the installation CD that was dispatched along with your printer or download the recent software version from Brother website.
  • Otherwise, go to the Brother printer driver download page and install the most-recent software version.
  • Insert the installation CD and wait for a few seconds. Click Computer or My Computer or File Explorer-> Computer (based on your Windows OS) and double click on CD-ROM icon if the Brother printer dialog box doesn’t appear on the screen automatically, then double-click the start.exe file.
  • Tag along with the onscreen prompts until Connectivity Type dialog box appears on the screen and complete the Brother Printer setup process on a successful note.

Brother Printer Drivers / Download Brother Printer Software

Brother printer drivers play a vital role in helping the printer to communicate with other devices like smart phones and desktop. It is very important to install the Brother printer driver before everything else as the initial step is to make the devices communicate directly. When your Brother printer sends data to the computer or mobile device, the device should understand the information and this is possible only when the printer driver is installed in your desktop. Totally, Brother printer driver interprets the message from printer to other devices. 

By now, you would have understood the functions of Brother Printer driver and it’s role in printer operations. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform Brother printer drivers setup without any hindrance. 

Printer Setup
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Brother Printer Drivers Installation

Brother printers will prompt you to update the driver

By installing the Brother printer driver, you can execute the printing tasks smoothly as the communication between the devices are precise. It’s not a big deal to configure Brother printer driver when you have Brother printer support team by your side. 

If you are installing the Brother printer driver for the very first time, insert the CD-ROM in your desktop’s CD/DVD drive or go to the Brother printer support website for downloading the newest version. After that, follow the onscreen prompts and wrap up the driver download session quickly. 

Once you conclude the Brother printer driver download, no need to check for the updates as it will be automatically updated when a new version is available. Otherwise, download the manually when you get notified about updated version.

Don’t worry if you forget to update the Brother printer driver as the printer will notify you on the right time by providing various hints. You should certainly update the Brother printer driver without further delay when you hit upon the issues specified below.

Technical problems

Navigate to the Brother printer support website and update the driver when you bump into issues like printer not responding simple commands.

Inefficient system

If you come across issues such printer crashing all of a sudden or printing mobile apps don’t respond, you should certainly check for driver updates and bug fixes in the Brother printer support.

Printer not responding

If the printer is not performing primary tasks like print, scan or copy, you should check for the driver update. However, sometimes the printer might have serious issues when they are unresponsive. In such instances, you need to connect with the Brother printer support team.

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